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Research Methods
Research Methods is specifically designed to systematically expose students and scholars to the centrality of research thinking in the affairs of human beings. Research Methods covers a broad spectrum of research strategies which include historiography, qualitative research methods, descriptive surveys, correlational approaches and experimental research strategies.
This book groups empirical research methods into two broad categories –Distal research methods for studying phenomena that obey universal laws and proximal research methods for handling stochastic phenomena. The book thus covers evaluation, operations research Meta-Analysis.
The myth of complexity build around research methodology by certain scholars are dispelled in Research Methods. A unique aspect of this book is that some research problems were posed and solved to give readers practical examples of executing research. The book can thus serve the young as well as the sophisticated researcher.

Stress is the greatest assault on human psychological, health, cognitive, emotional and behavioral integrity known in the 21st century. When we hear about HIV/AIDS/STI, cancer, arthritis, tuberculosis, and asthma, we shudder and panic about the devastating effects of such diseases. However, we do not react with such panic when we hear the word “Stress” because; we have become use to it. Stress impairs human immune system, memory, emotional intelligence, creativity, innovation, work performance, organizational productivity, health, also produces hypertension with myriads of psychosomatic ailments.

People undergoing stress fall prey to many other problems which are direct consequences of the stressful situations. Biological, emotional, psychological and social maladies result from stress.

Bad news, joblessness, poverty, conflict in relationships bullying etc. are all terrible stressors both in life and workplace. Coping with stress in life and workplace takes you carefully and systematically through the nature and characteristics of stress, its biology, the chemicals produced by the body due to stress and also shows how to effectively manage and cope with stress which has become the greatest psychological and health problems in the 21st century.

There are not many books that treat creativity, innovation and success all in one volume. Creativity describes thinking up new ideas and concepts while innovation describes doing new things, products process. The relationship between creativity and innovation generate success. Thus, innovation is the practical application of creativity. Creativity, Innovation and Success go hand-in-hand. These three qualities of man are inseparable because successful people have achieved outstanding result by initiating new ideas which they innovatively transform into saleable outcomes resulting in wealth and success. The alignment of creativity and innovation to produce success is made possible by taking the following steps – planning, creating a vision, creating viable mission, continued learning, building team, delegating and encouraging intuitive thinking and risking-taking, listening, removing emotional viruses from the environment, practicing coherent communication, accepting responsibility, promoting and developing products, services, new designs and new outcomes surpetitively resulting in sustainable success.

A specific programme which enables you to be creative, innovative and successful is the Akinboye’s Practical Creativity at Work (APCAW), which stands out as the core of the book Creativity, Innovation and Success. There are 10 steps in APCAW including the following: make a creative pause; note barriers to creativity and remove them; define broad areas of interest; focus on an appropriate domain; set criteria of success; select appropriate creativity technique and use it; run creativity sessions; harvest new ideas, new concept etc.; evaluate actionable ideas; develop ideas, produces values, valufacture, do value monopolies and go beyond competition to surpetition.

Many people look towards retirement with anxiety and worry. Yet, when the issue of retirement is properly understood and adequately planned for, the anticipatory aversion about its is removed. In fact, one can the look towards retirement with happiness and sometimes a sense of joyful anticipation. This is what the book Happy Retirement hopes to achieve. It deals with the concept of retirement and emphasizes that is should be a serious aspect of manpower planning by employers of labour in all organizations.

For the employee, awareness about starting early to plan retirement is emphasized and for older workers, the need for early retirement planning is amplified. Finally, when an employee retires, the book clearly shows how to be happy even retirement.