Retirement describes a process of work role transition in which an individual withdraws from routine work performance due to old age, redundancy, ill health, or other reasons. There are therefore different types of retirement such as:

  • Age-related retirement
  • Length of Service-related retirement
  • Forced or involuntary retirement
  • Ill-Health related retirement
  • Redundancy retirement etc. Whatever the type of retirement that awaits an employee, he or she needs proper planning to achieve retirement success.

The CYFO Behavior services for the support of prospective retiree include the following:

  • Assessment for retirement needs of individuals;
  • Retirement planning strategies;
  • Financial security strategies for prospective retirees;
  • Education programmes on retirement income provision;
  • Sensitization training on the social and psychological implications of retirement;
  • Coping with stress in retirement;
  • Management of retirement depression;
  • Happiness enhancement training for retirees;
  • Advantages and disadvantages of early retirement;
  • Coping with the challenges of old aging, health problems associated with aging and health insurance practices;
  • Psychology of successful investment for retirement;
  • Tips for successful retirement;
  • Creativity, innovation and successful retirement; and
  • Financial resources for successful retirement.