Testing is done for many reasons. CYFO Behavior Testing Services satisfies a wide spectrum of individual, group and organizational needs.
For instance Testing Services are delivered to:

  • The educational sector covering diagnoses for therapy, testing and assessment in counseling, testing for placement into educational levels, certification testing, achievement testing and others;
  • Personal Testing Services in Job Analysis, employment testing, testing for promotion and job placement, testing to detect training needs, testing to know organizational innovation quotient and the Emotional Intelligence of the personnel;
    Testing for diagnosing and managing marital problems;
  • Creativity and innovative testing;
  • Testing for Leadership Development;
  • Testing for resolving interpersonal conflict;
  • Success skills testing;
  • Testing for Evaluation of the effectiveness of the programmes;
  • Stress coping testing;
  • Testing for child, adolescent and youth effectiveness programmes; and
  • Staff performance appraisals and testing.