Human Resource Development is concerned with the issue of recruitment, selection, training, placement, promotion, redeployment, team building and effective use of people skills that can make the personnel perform maximally at work.
CYFO Behavior Service in this Unit include the following:

  • Recruitment and selection including job analysis, job description, person specification, internal/external recruitment, outsourcing and staff retention;
  • Building successful teams;
  • Staff Development including training, performance and appraisals and performance reviews, staff motivation and career development;
  • Helping organizations to recognize the most critical time to influence employee success including topics such as:
    • rapidly changing workplace;
    • new workforce demographics;
    • managing the new workforce;
    • how to attract and retain top employees;
    • communication of corporate vision early;
    • conduct of thorough orientation;
    • emphasis of people and procedures; and
    • shaping employer-employee relationship.
  • Health and safety management.