In spite of the apparent contradictory signals to it, marriage remains the universal institution for love, companionship and success in modern life. Marriage is a contractual agreement which is emotionally and legally binding on human beings who decide to enter such life-long relationship. In Nigeria today, over 90% of eligible people will marry at any point of time. Unfortunately, over 40% of such marriages end in divorce.

In spite of the traditional roles of marriages, alternative life styles serving other purposes have complicated the marital relationship. Marital styles such as just for fun, swinging, heterosexual relationships not for procreation, open marriage, group marriage, sexually active singles are all here to stay. These later marital life styles have made marriage an enigma. Creative and innovation programmes are thus needed to make marriage successful. The CYFO Marital Services are specially designed to address the problematic marital behaviors.
Programmes include:

  • Assessment and testing in marital matters;
  • Creativity and innovation for marital success;
  • Grooming youngsters to be Emotionally Intelligent Couples;
  • How to choose a partner;
  • Divorce prevention strategies;
  • Secrets of happy marriage;
  • Cooperation tactics in marriage;
  • Communication tactics in marriage;
  • Money and marriage;
  • Dating, courtship and marriage; and
  • Making your marriage work.