The CYFO Educational Services are broad-based sustainable strategies designed to enhance the standards of educational practices at all levels. Programmes include:

  • Educational assessment techniques;
  • Educational Reform Strategies;
  • Development of core teacher abilities, skills and competencies;
  • Strategies of managing difficult classroom behaviors;
  • Curriculum action strategies;
  • Strategies of preparing a course syllabus;
  • Teaching techniques including principles of good practice, modern teaching methods, strategies of student retention, teaching effectiveness and good teaching practices;
  • Strategies of evaluating teaching effectiveness;
  • Using questions effectively for teaching effectiveness;
  • Instructional assessment techniques;
  • Creative and innovative practices in education;
  • Emotional Intelligence in educational reforms;
  • Strategies of motivating students to learn;
  • Dealing with difficult behaviors in education;
  • Management of Stress in teaching; and
  • Programmes for enhancing quality teaching.