Creativity and innovation are the most fundamental of all human resources, skills and competencies. One cannot achieve any sustainable development without these human resources. For instance, ideas are at the base of any viable venture or wealth creation. Ideas are only generated from creativity. Hence creativity is first and basic. Innovation describes the transformation of ideas into wealth, taking ideas to market, commercializing ideas and changing into a form that can produce saleable values to consumers. This is why innovation is very crucial in wealth creation. Creativity and innovation become inevitable ingredients of any planned change to produce wealth, success and sustainable growth in the lives of individuals and organizations. Creativity and innovation are the souls of business. Any form of organizational house keeping- emphasis on competence, cost controls, strategies, cost-cutting, restructuring, mergers and people care can only produce a minimally surviving organization. Any organization wishing to record sustainable success must use the resources, competencies, and skills of creativity and innovation. Creativity, innovation and success training programmes are designed to help you and your organization do the following:

  • Plan more competently;
  • design new product and processes;
  • re-engineer your organization and ventures to create outstanding success;
  • create or restructure products and systems;
  • improve performance;
  • improve quality;
  • create new values;
  • create new opportunities;
  • create new market;
  • create new market positions; and
  • make innovative decisions resulting in sustainable success.

Use of creativity in business is not limited to the creation of new products and services. Creativity and innovation use in leveraging routine activities such as increasing employeed competencies, restructuring, people care, evolving better leadership styles and structuring planned change. In short, creativity and innovation are essential ingredients in organizational adaptability resulting in success. Organizations must be able to manage at the speed of change and creativity and innovation are the tools to drive such intentional and planned changes.