This a very large unit in the CYFO Behavior Services operations. Children are not as helpless as they appear to be the layman. The neonate had been powerfully equipped biologically, psycho physiologically, neurologically and with a powerful heart that has an intelligence of its own.

This is why there are prescriptive programmes such as:

  • How to be an effective parent;
  • How to talk so children can listen;
  • How to show affection to the child;
  • How to build trust in the child;
  • How to play with the child;
  • How to build mutual love with the child;
  • How to set rules for the child;
  • How to encourage the children;
  • How to help children learn; and
  • How to build emotional resilience in the child.

There are broad-based assessment programmes to determine how much a child is ready for in life. There is the character development programme for the child. The CYFO Behavior Services Parenting Programme is useful for all people who want to raise kids that are emotionally intelligent with good character including honesty, sincerity, integrity, maturity and community-friendly.
The Adolescent and Youth Effectiveness Programme include:

  • Comprehensive Programme for sustainable development of adolescent and youth. Creativity, innovation and success in life and workplace.
  • Adolescent and Youth Leadership Development Programme.
  • Management of Adolescent and Youth Health Risk Behaviors.
  • HIV/AIDS/STI Adolescent and Youth Prevention Programmes.
  • Peer Pressure Management in Adolescent and Youth.
  • Emotional Intelligence Programmes for Adolescent and Youth.
  • Adolescent and Youth Depression Management.
  • Parenting Adolescent and Youth.
  • Adolescent and Youth Sexuality Management.
  • Violence Prevention Programme for Adolescent and Youth.